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Truck Shrouds, LLC is the leading aftermarket manufacturer of hood panels for the Peterbilt 389, 379 & 359.  We make the outer skins for the Peterbilt 389, 379 & 359 in the same gauge aluminum as the OEM panels.  All panels come predrilled, scuffed and sanded, all that needs to be done is prime and paint. Truck Shrouds panels are guaranteed to fit in identically to the OEM panels or we will refund your money.  At an about 40% savings vs. dealer pricing.  Our panels for the 389, 379 & 359 hood are a great way  to save on cost for collision  repair, refurbishing  hoods, or making a  new hood.    

Our side and top panel,fender and grille surround installed on a Peterbilt 379 hood

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OEM Truck Shrouds VS.

Truck Shrouds, LLC offers aluminum fenders for the Peterbilt 379.  These fenders are pre-drilled and are primed, ready for paint.  We also offer the fender support or skirt for the Peterbilt 379 as well.  

In addition to the fenders and the fender support, Truck Shrouds also manufactures an aftermarket liner (rock guard).  The liner is made out of durable fiberglass and shaped identically to the OEM liner and glues in the same way.  This liner is actually stronger than the plastic OEM liner and protects better than the plastic liner against dents cause by rocks and is about 40-50% less than the OEM.

+ = Big Savings

Truck Shroud’s fan shrouds are made out of fiberglass, just like the OEM.  However, our product maximizes air flow because of our gel-coating process.  Gel-coating the inside provides maximum air flow  therefore, providing increased cooling!  Superior in quality to the OEM and at savings of 50% or more this product will save you hundreds. Guaranteed to fit your radiator and improve airflow on your truck.

Side by Side.JPG OEM  Shroud Truck Shrouds  Shroud

Hood Panels for Peterbilt 379 & 359 Trucks

Aluminum Fenders for Peterbilt 379 Trucks

Fan Shrouds for Peterbilt & Kenworth Trucks

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